LiveJasmin new feature?


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Anyone else got contacted by the admin to be presented the new LJ feature which is apparently a channel on smart TVs or something like that? I've been told that they are looking for co-hosts for their upcoming project and that I've been chosen based on my looks and English skills (lol,i'm not even a native)...Anyhow,i've been offered a week in Luxembourg ,where they are based,on their expenses,to take a look behind the curtains...As nice as all this sounds,i am in a way reluctant...


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Nothing yet,lol.I had another admin telling me about the same thing but this time with more details...Basically i have to send the a video of minimum 30 seconds where is show my qualities as a host and moderator.They will choose in the end the girls that they want for their new channel,each will be a host for one week.My problem is that i am not confident on my spoken English.Imagine that i come from Russian parents,i grew up in Romania and i currently live in Austria...My accent if very rough,different,not pleasant for everyone...But i did save the email address,who knows,i might give it a try!