Let's inspire-Ideas

Do you have ideas on how to make the stream unique? Let's put ideas in here and get inspired. I may have found playing games like the wheel of fortune and more. Then broadcast outside on the phone — on the train, in the store, in the library, etc. — I saw it with other girls. Do you have any other ideas on how to make the stream unique? Do you create competitions, etc.? If I have an idea, I'll definitely write it here. This work is so creative! Let's get inspired.
Be careful WHERE you broadcast from when you're outside. If it's your backyard, you will be probably fine. If it's a public space, you can be arrested for public indecency/indecent exposure. In USA, the simple act of flashing your tits is still considered prohibited criminal behavior in many states. Also, the people around you didn't consent to appear in your live stream, and they might be more than upset if they discover what's going on.