Learning from Mistakes


Jr. Member
This coming month of April will be my two year anniversary of being a Web Cam Model. Upon reflection I realize that it has been quite the road, filled with many ups and downs. I went from trying hard to have a cam persona to realizing that i personally do best when i just turn the cam on and be myself. I went from worrying about what others are doing, do just take note of what does and does not work for me. I learned that this career path is not just about your time in front of the cam their is much more involved. I started on LiveJasmin and then made the switch to Streamate about 5 months ago. Now i devide my time between the two site, for i learned to never have all of your eggs in one basket. It has been an endless journey of "what time to be online"... ugh i have the ability to cam when ever i choose, for my kids are grown and my husband works from home. Somtimes having choice is not best. I have learned to try to avoid negative, and this has been more true recently. While i love all of the great information here, i also got sucked up in the negativity of some. What i had to realize is that this time of year is slow in the industry as a whole.. looking at the Alexa rating will show you that. So next year i will have money saved up and perhaps take time off for a vacation and to work on content instead of stressing about how slow it is. As i walk the path to my third year in the cam industry i will take what i have learned with me, i have a feeling it will be a fantastic year!!!!!