Keeping it Positive


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In my past i sold Advertising for about eight years. I was very good at doing that. One thing that i realized is that i had to think positive and be positive. The energy works in a way that you attract how you think. While i realize we all have times when we need to vent, even then we need to think about how it will come back to us. I avoid the negative, be it on facebook, twitter or here. I love to meet new models here and exchange ideas and such, but i have trained my mind to avoid the much negative i see here. How great would it be to have a positive group here.. anyone interested? If you can not tell i am a big believer in the laws of attraction.
Happy Camming ya all!


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Right there with ya pandora! Of course we all need a place to vent without judgement but I believe it works in reverse too! For me, a newbie to modeling, the negative emotions will come and go but it is like that in everything right? If we smile more, we feel the happy inevitably! So let's get out there, get horny, make that stiff (or wet) happiness happen gals! There is always a positive to take from the days show, either money, added followers, more exposure, or even jut one compliment! Xoxo my happy thought of the day, my hubby and I are renewing our vows and camming had only increased our own love life hehe