Just some things I've noticed:


Just some things I've noticed:
-People get paid on Friday... so, it would figure that horny guys come home from work starting on the East coast at 4-5pm, EST, and continue to come home from work until 4-5pm, PST. Fridays always seem to be my best day, so I go online at 4pm EST and stay on until like 11pm CST, so that I still get to go out and have fun with my friends.
-A lot of guys want to nut one out before their wives come home. During the weekdays, I usually go on for about two hours at around 3-5pm CST. This one is hit or miss, but I usually get a few private sessions.
-Ever heard of lazy Sundays? For whatever reason, Sunday afternoon seems to be a huge moneymaker for me. My room is always packed on Sundays, but Sunday night is usually slow. I assume this is because guys go to sleep early for work the next day.
-Saturday afternoon usually sucks. But Saturday night can be hit or miss. Last night was a good night for me, but I usually avoid Saturday because I don't seem to do as well that night.
-I've been looking at the stats for the weekdays as well. Mondays are hit-or-miss. Tuesdays are actually really good for some reason. (Maybe there's nothing good on tv?) I have NEVER done well on a Wednesday or a Thursday, so I pretty much don't even bother with those ones.
-I also usually go on everyday from 3-5pm CST. I don't make money during that time most of the time, but I do get a few tips and I find a lot of regulars during that time. I take a break for dinner until 7pm and then go back on until at least 11pm. If I'm making money, then I stay on later, but, if its dead, I am just waiting for it to be 11pm already!
Hope this helps!