Just how how big is a whale?


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I've been camming for about 8 years and had only heard of the term 'whale' several weeks ago.

Every so often on Chaturbate I may get a single tip in the region of 1500 tokens or more often guys who have maybe tipped 2000-3000 thoughout a session. I have also had some guys who will spend £100 on Adulwork shows. Anytime I have a really good day it will be down to one or two guys really appreciating the show rather than multiple smaller contributions. So I guess I have a school of nice sized minke whales following me about.

So, just how big in size are your whales?
Has anyone ever seen a nice big blue one coming to the surface?



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Ive had an albino whale a couple of times. The 1st 1 he tipped 4K in total, he signed up through my link so I got to keep it all plus a bonus, he tipped it 999 at a time and I didnt understand what that meant, id never been tipped that much before. I opened my calculator and put 999 + 1, i didnt know if that equaled a thousand, I contacted support to ask them how much he tipped me because I seriously couldn't grasp basic math anymore. I wish he come back and give me more math problems.