I've seen models handle Privates in a few different ways


I've seen models handle Privates in a few different ways such as:

1) None at all
2) Scheduled for specific date/time that doesn't conflict with public show
3) Upon request

Focusing on the "upon request", this gets broken down into a couple of different ways:

A) Any time upon request - They will leave the public room and take a private. Some may announce to the room that they're going, sometimes they don't.
B) Pending - They may or may not take a private depending upon how active the room is, and how many tokens are coming in per minute.

There's a few models who only take privates on specific days, because they know their room well enough for which days are busiest in public chat. Yet, if it's slow on the days which are typically busier, they may take a private to help reach goal for the day.

As a member, I follow the pending model above for when I ask a model for a private. I don't track tokens. But, I get a general feel for how the room is, and inquire with her. If it's busy, I won't ask since there's risk of her losing tokens due to her being in private (I only do TPvt), as well as knowing members will leave while she's in with me. If it's slower, I'll ask her for a private and go by her lead as to when. Sometimes, it's immediately, or she may want to wait a few minutes. There's been times I've missed out on an opportunity of a private with a paritcular model because of waiting to ask. But, in the end, I'm happy she's making something.