I've had my extremely good shifts and really bad shifts on Streamate.


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I've had my extremely good shifts and really bad shifts on Streamate. My system does support the external broadcasters they offer, but I still have a lot of hiccups on there. In asking regulars(guys I've brought to Streamate from other places) I've discovered the following:
1. A lot of the people suddenly leaving is due to their own internet connection issues. They get disconnected or bounced out of my room because they are trying to do multiple things at the same time-downloading videos, listening to Pandora, etc.

2. Audio issues like you describe happen because they are trying to interact through a site that isn't Streamate. They're viewing us through a tube site rather than Streamate proper. If they go through Streamate itself, 9 times out of 10 audio problems cease.

3. Chrome and Firefox tend to be the best for us and them. If Chrome is not working, switching to Firefox or vice versa helps.

4. Streamate has been trying to update their encoders over the past few weeks. Posting, "I'm testing/trying out new/different software. Let's go cam 2 cam" as a room topic helped a lot. If people left my room right away, they tried to come back in pretty quickly.

I'm hoping this helps, and that the new encoders will be compatible with your system. If not...hopefully bongacams and chatturbate consistently work well for you.