Is LuckyCrush the new eldorado for you too?


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Hey girls! I joined luckycrush last week and I must admit it's a quite easy process. I mean it's the first time for me. I tried doing shows on Chaturbate in the past but never managed to be patient enough to stay.

luckycrush is a new concept based on random video chat. You are matched with a guy as soon as you log in and you earn money for every second you spend on the site.

my question here is: I currently make $100-$120/day. Some girls manage to make 200 and more there. Are there girls from LC here? I really would like some tips. I'm ready to commit efforts and spend the time it needs on the chat to train and get better. I really love the site and their members, I mean everybody is super nice, even the admin and team. But I really want to reach these 200 bucks Smiley :8

They show girls on their insta (Login • Instagram) who make thousands of $. Do you know how I could contact them? I assume luckycrush won't let me access it if i send them a dm...


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Hmmm what type of site is that? In "terms and conditions" section i found interesting thing
"15. Minutes Deduction
15.1. It is strictly prohibited in the video chat to:
(a) Appear naked or semi-naked in front of the camera;
(b) Show your genitals;
(c) Touch your genitals even through clothes;
(d) Show your underwear;
(e) Use obscenities or other language offensive to your chat partner;
(f) Switch off your webcam or point it away from your face."