In How many days you get make 200 dollars only with live?


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Hey girls!!

I bought a mask in a online shop to begin as CG, when to arrive, it will be my first time in Live, maybe in Chaturbate website or BongaCam ( I don'tknow ... what you recommend to beginners experience earn a little so fast?? what camsite? Lol )

My Questions:

1. How long time you are CamGirl?

2. In how many times you get $200 dollars with Show's?

3. What is your favorite CamSite? Why?

4. You already worked CamGirl in your Mobile? What CamSite? How was your mobile experience?


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I don't know much about cam model work, but begin desperate for money can not be a good idea.
I am awswer about with know about mobile in other post.