I work with Cam Model Directory


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I work with Cam Model Directory that only take pre pay and I never have problems, in fact today I got one 225$ deposit, and nice guy. Skyprivate shit on their models, thinking you're the meat with holes and they must to understand they get the salary because your pussy and your brain make this money, i got a shitty 15$ x 10 minutes show, I did 7:39 min show and the guy very rude and demanding asking for anal when on my profile is clear that anal is another price, on my first conversation this guy never mentioned anal, just twerking, ahegao, tit job... And skyprivate gave him 8$ back because he wasn't happy with my show, they get rich and the rest of us can go to hell.

I don't will work for this company anymore and they still have 8.66$ of the extra payment of the customers I got for my own ads. Another thing, is getting low traffic and they lost time sending e-mails telling you about the benefits to bring them your customers giving you 6% extra but the fact is, to withdraw this money the minimum is 50$. Scammers. I'm so so so upset.