I started doing a few goldshows. on Streamate

I started doing a few goldshows... and they Do attract alot of viewers at once... even if .. from the 5 I tried.. I only did 2... I had ALOT of guys come back asking when Ill do a gold show... So Now when I start a goldshow I start off with more pledgers then I did at first... So I can imagine that if I did ONLYYYY gold shows all day... Id have ALOT ALOT of goldshow regulars.... pledgers and then of course id start reaching my goals more often.

Because after working about 15 hours last week ( Yeah only 3 hours a day) On my third and fourth day... My p**** was sore as fuck....I couldnt even enjoy the birthday sex... I cant imagine working MORE hours doing only privates ... Really I have to get into the goldshow vibe... Ill still do privates but ill try do to 75% gold shows because really.... my coochie cant live like this.I have to think about her...even if the wallet is very important...my coochie comes first.