i just have to share... weird experience with a couple


So I was just on for an hour and a half or so. AND OMFG.

I had this couple in my room most of the time, posting & saying the creepiest shit. Like "Hubby just slid under the desk and he's eating my ass. I'm pretending its your face down there."

Thats fine and dandy, do what you want. But this person was waaaaaaayyyyy overwhelming. LOL I even had some of my regulars PM-ing me saying "usually people would have banned them by now, you have a lot of patience." haha.... I guess I do.

Unfortunately I ended up banning "them." I'm pretty sure it was some kid trolling. "Their" pictures didnt match up, so I got uncomfortable.

Thank god for that Ban button.... she couldnt acess my chat, but she could still DM me... and man, I pissed her/him off. Sigh.