I have been registered since 2014 on skyprivate


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I have been registered since 2014 on skyprivate,and a few months ago I discovered the affiliate program to have more calls, activate the program and wait to see since it had been absent for a long time, when I saw that the discount was too much and not enough calls, I deactivated it. Last week I received a call and I still have a discount, after several emails, even after Allice accused me of ignoring the emails, because the emails I answered to her email address gone for other people, today I asked again why I have the discount? and they tell me that you are for life if is a customer that came when the affiliate program was active. Now I want to see who those clients were but the history does not let me see since it cannot be seen from months ago.
Do not activate the affiliate service unless you want to have a discount on calls forever.