I don't like Cam Soda at all


So I don't like Cam Soda at all.

Poor customer service. Takes about 3 days to get a response via e-mail. This last time I got no response at all.

I thought it was going to be to be good b/c guys were tipping my first night, but after that, NO ONE came into my room. I had one guy come in, I've logged on two more times & NO ONE comes in. Maybe 7-10 guests & that's it. She said other than saying you are on in your news feed, they won't ever know <geeze>

Even the 2 that came into my room weren't guys with tokens.

When I called them up I was shocked to learn they expect YOU to bring the guys to the site via your SM. LOL

You also have no way of knowing how many guys are following you. They expect you to go in & count all the notifications one by one LOL