I cammed on Livejasmin for 2-3 years


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I cammed on Livejasmin for 2-3 years in total, some years ago, before they came up with the crazy requirements especially picture quality requirements.
I tried to talk to them admins, several times, explaining i only own a webcam i can take pictures with & nobody to take pictures for me with a classic photo camera, i am not part of a studio to have pictures taken professionally, i wont pay a photographer either to take sexy pics of me just to use on their site so there was no way for me to have my profile photos approved on that site.
I even took good selfies with photocamera borrowed from my brother using the delay option on camera, still not good for them, they said i need professional pictures taken at a photo studio HA! WHAT?
To pay for all that just to make little money on ur site? With the way they cut people money & reduce traffic to model's rooms when they reach higher payment percentage?! No way i am going to invest my money, time and pc/ connection resources into such a site.
They got greedy & when people/ companies get greedy they loose business. There was no way to convince support to loose the picture requirements so i gave up on that site completely.