How Would this work?.. Taking the indie Route


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I have multiple channels mapped out but this one I can't crack, a daily pay flow for the phone... So I want to navigate my own organic traffic to my Unblur.Media account for Indie Skype shows.

My question is since Unblur is like Indie Bill how would I be able to do Phone with a client? Not a client-focused solely on phone - I'll direct them elsewhere but... For example; on some platforms, they allow you to C2C - which skype automatically does it, so I wanted to upsell on using a phone as well. But it depends... How common is it that clients use a phone during box site or Skype show?

Question is how can I give the client a free phone call NF only gives X amount of free minutes, and other platforms don't have any workaround options... Does the IWC Coupon generator work towards phone lines?
If not should I just make two separate packages (one with the phone rate and one w/o phone rate?) Or should I use a Burner number app instead?

If it's not that common I just won't worry about it, but just thought I'd think about it before a customer asks if I offer it like that.

(In this pathway NF & IWC aren't daily pay options)


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Well personally i have a few different customers who love phone (and by phone i mean a skype audio call) but it's not common.
I personally wouldn't hand out free minutes. make them pay. You can set up a specific listing on unblur/iB for phone through skype and just accept them that way. advertise it on your social media and direct traffic that way or by using an ad site.