How to use whiteboard on Myfreecams


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im so lost, & trying to prepare for my first night on Myfreecams - ive been on chaturbate for a few months and wanted to give this platform a chance & so far ive found the platforms are set up sooooo differently.

How do i access the whiteboard. I know i can use this as a sort of extended tip menu/daily offer type thing but i cant for the life of me figure out how to access it.

How do i get to the part where i can add/edit what i want to be shown on the whiteboard?

how do i get the whiteboard on? i do know it has something to do with charlesbot (which im still trying to figure out)lol


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go to the web broadcaster, open it but dont click broadcast yet.

Click the chatroom tab at the top then look at the top under that tab You'll see the chat topic (greyed out) and some greyed out buttons then a white/green icon that says whiteboard. Click that and you can access it to edit it before you go live. You can also edit it when you are live and give other members access to edit it also (be careful with this)

To turn it on you'll find a check box at the top of the edit screen that says "enable"