how to turn someone down..?


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my situation is more complicated than the title suggests. i have recently got back in contact with a female friend who i haven't been talking for the past 3 years, since i started camming, because i moved away (same city but the other side of it). she is a very shy BBW but recently got more interested in the camming world. today we were talking about this, how she would like to try, me encouraging her saying a lot of men like BBW and that i will help her if she wants to give it a try. it got late so i got up and was getting ready to leave when she blindsided me with these words :"well, why don't you help me?" i looked at her laptop and i was like "well, you need a webcam , you don't have one, do you?". she was like "i don't mean with the webcam.." It took me a few minutes to figure out she was actually trying to seduce me. i kept asking "help you how?" but she couldn't find her words to let me know what she really wants. i had to put the words in her mouth to get the sense of what she's trying to say. i really had to come back home and i apologized for having to leave, with the promise that i'll IM her as soon as i get home. She was like no and no, why do you have to leave now, why do you reject me like this, can't you stay for 30 more minutes. I stayed a few more minutes and i was trying to explain to her that having a lesbian experience has nothing to do with camming, and that she should sleep on it and we'll talk about it tomorrow. She felt bad because i was rejecting her, but i finally got home and managed to explain to her that these kind of things must be planned and thought out, and if she will still be willing to do this in a few days, we can talk about it then.
the 1 thing i could not tell her was that i'm not sexually attracted to her! i have nothing against BBW, but she is just not my type. i could do this just to help her out, but 1st of all, i don't think it will help her to be comfortable getting naked on cam, and 2nd, i'm afraid it will be a bad experience and might ruin the friendship between us. on the other hand..rejecting her without a clear reason might do that too...
So...girls..sorry for asking for your help on this non cam related issue, but i have no1 else to talk to about this, and some objective views on this situation will really help me. Thanks


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I am sorry that you are in a complicated and delicate situation. Yes, I do agree that I don't see how sleeping with her would make her feel comfortable on cam, unless she was wanting a girl/girl show, but it does not seem like that is what she was wanting.

Personally, if you don't want to sleep with her, I would definitely emphasize how important her friendship is to you and would have for sex not only to complicate things but possibly put things in jeopardy if things did not work out. I also feel uneasy that she got upset if it was just sex. Is it possible that she might have feelings for you as well?

I wish you the best of luck!