How To Tax The Client That Loves To Message All Day...


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Also, this is rare - for me but... What do y'all charge these dudes who want to just message their fantasy back and forth all day? Like idk how this dude ended up in my auric field of clientele! The first time I messaged him I thought he was like the regular set of dudes I attract that just want a message or two (Which I charge) to get a feel to see if I have the right idea about a call and then they'll call me.... This dude hasn't and I don't think he will?? Not yet?
What should I charge per message if I'm writing a full detailed paragraph per message? I haven't used chat (TTM) since last winter it was annoying tf outta me I'll be starting again this week though cause I'm upping my rates lol.

NiteFlirt... I'm waiting for you to let us raise those fucking .69/text rates!!!!! I'ma use it but god damn man hasn't text option been out for 2 years now???


Just tell them to call or if they want to chat, they have to send a tribute. Then stop answering. That's how I do, I never engage in conversation without being paid.