How has camming positively changed you?

Hello again!

Since you began camming, what positive changes have happened to you?
This could apply to anything that is thanks to camming (financial, personal, body-related, and so on).

I'll start:
I've had two major changes since I began camming last year.

One of them is becoming more honest about what it is I want. Thanks to learning how to say "no" to requests that I didn't want to do, I've become more assured in my words and have placed my needs first, something that I've had a lot of trouble with previously. No more beating around the bush when it comes to rejecting a request!

The second change is just as important: my self esteem and confidence in my appearance have skyrocketed.

When I take photos, or see myself in the mirror, I notice the parts that I used to be insecure about before, and I don't feel anything about them. In fact, I'm glad that certain parts of me look different as it is what makes me stand out.

Would love to hear your own personal gains. Let's spread that positivity!
I don't know if this is a positive thing but, I can certainly fake anal and dildo fucking so well without the use of special effects or a green screen.

I can fake the most spectacular real looking orgasms.

I can "space out" and dirty talk with profane and obscene words without blinking an eye and can make a guy cum in minutes without taking off any clothing. I don't even remember what I say because I have it all so well memorized.

When you reach this pinnacle, camming becomes incredibly mechanical and efficient which translates into factory precision and predictable earnings, day after day.