How Do You Deal With Performance Apathy?


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So I started out camming and did fine doing it full time; however for the past 2 years(ive been camming for abo 4) I've been doing adult film and 1. it completely made my schedule unpredictable because I never knew when I would get a call and 2. Because I wasnt maintaining the same schedule as before, I started dropping cam sessions alltogether. Now I'm leaving film(for MANY reasons. I may do a pro/con thread if anyone is interested, in addition to a youtube video soon) and I've been so apathetic about getting back online. I feel idea drained and its honestly making me more tired than I would be working. How does everyone deal with burnout? What is your typical schedule for the day(full time preferred but part timers are welcome to chime in!) are there cost effective self care techniques you would reccomend? Do you use apps or software to keep track of what you need to do? Do you use a service for a lot of the side work off stream(this is a part where I struggle as well!)


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I simply look at the bills I have to pay and get my ass ready to work, because nobody else will pay them for me. I stick to my schedule which can go from 4 to 7 hours from Monday to Saturdays. I always take Sundays off. I never use Social Media, nor any tool to promote myself, my best tool is go online no matter what, if I'm not online I wont make money, if there is no money I won't be able to get the things I want, my goals, my happiness.