How do you come up with video ideas?


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Hey, I'm just curious. I have been around a little while, but I'm just getting back to camming and trying to improve. (So I'm going to have a few questions the next week.) Right now I'm wanting to know, if you don't mind, how do you come up with your video ideas?
I know there are lots of types of videos, like cosplay, masturbation, JOI, etc. I would like to hear what you do as well though, so if you want to mention a video content type, I appreciate it. I'm personally shy, but this will help me.
Thank you.


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I get inspired lately by specific scene movies i like. Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, just an example. Take that scene and add something (or take away).

A video of a song you like a lot or a photo shooting from various artists, there are plenty of photographers work online.

I enjoy a lot the 80's era where the top models looked natural but still glamour and sensual. So i think if you look for inspiration in your personal likes and preferences it's also easier to look for resources from there.