Have you ever let something slip?

Last night I let slip something personal. When I'm uncomfortable the truth just starts spilling out of my mouth (defense mechanism) and that's a really bad thing when a creep starts getting under my skin.

I know realistically that my random factoid of my life that I think is soooo important is probably not even noteworthy to him, but my anxiety hamster thinks it needs exercise and my wheel is spinning, lol

Have you ever dealt with something like this? The cold chill that oh my god, now he knows?


Jr. Member
only once and it was the location of someplace I really love to travel to, big mistake! Just because a man won't take you private it does not mean he can not afford it. Back to back, I get taken private to discuss meet-ups and guys wanting to buy me drinks, so annoying. Apparently, everyone has a job that sends them to my favorite places for business. I didn't want to be rude because they were paying to ask these question so I had to smile and sweetly decline, still, it was damn annoying, even the memory of it is annoying.