Has Streamate just changed free chat for non registered members? Or is this triggered by how much you watch...


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So I have had a day off and was using the time to check out some other girlies on Streamate....but I can't anymore unless I sign up...
Is this a new feature?

How does this affect the features such as no 'guest' chat... I liked this feature because at least then I knew eveyone in the room had the ability to spend money, even if they weren't intending to.
Will 'lifetime members' be able to get around geoblocks?

Interestingly if you click to sign up you get a very small feed of the live stream but the chat window and all other model info disappears...
Can anyone shed any light?
Dahlia xxx


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It does that when there is tooo much free traffik\free users on the site at once.. Keeps the site from bugging because of free users and it gets a few to sign up