Frustrated - unsure what to do next


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So I had to take a break from camming due to a situation regarding personal safety, but now that's over and I've considered going back to camming. Now my fiance is saying that he doesn't want me to do camming anymore because it's not consistent enough and to just get a "real job". But my allergies got bad recently and I was so sick that I could not do anything. I was in bed for almost a week.

He thinks I am too sick to cam, but not to sick to get a "real" job. I don't understand his logic.

I wasn't making a great amount of money camming (less than minimum wage), but figured it was because I was new and needed time to build up. But if I am too sick to cam, how am I going to work a "real" job?

I feel like I'm too sick to do anything right now. I'm living in a room with cats that I'm allergic to, but also in a dusty house with mold. So my allergies had me practically bed-ridden. We can't leave unless we can come up with a down payment for a house.

TLDR: he wants me to stop camming and look for a "real" job.


Hi honey, first of all, don't take wrong what I'm about to tell you, sorry if it is not sugarcoated but english is not my native language so I may sound hard but really I don't mean it.

I think you've already made up your mind. If you're here asking our advices, then you are not able to make your own decision and you will eventually let your fiancé control you life. You will find all the love and support you need here, and maybe get brave enough to tell him how you feel about it, but when you will actually HAVE to face him, he will most likely manipulate you and you will end up enven more frustrated.

The real question here is not about whether you should go back to camming or get a "real" job (what's a real job anyway? and what is HIS job???) the question you should ask yourself is How long are you going to let this man take you down?

I see two possible issues. 1. You go back to camming, and you can be sure that the first time something goes wrong or you don't make enough money (like it happens to aaaallll of us): HE will make you feel guilty. 2. You find a "real" job and you get sick so you often have to stay home: HE will blame you for whatever reason he can find, like YOU were responsible for your disease (hell, if I had a man like that I would get allergies too...)

I hope you see where I'm going? There is no right answer honey. He will always belittle you. Now I won't tell you to dump him or tell him he can go fuck himself because I don't know what kind of relationship you have, I just want you to open your eyes and try to think about your happiness and your future.

I hope I somehow helped you