Free Class/Discussion on Kik about becoming Independent


I am planning on hosting a class/discussion in a private KIK group about being an independent camgirl in about 10-14 days. The group holds 50 members and it is first come first serve. You must message me @faithripae to get added and if you leave the group you need to message me again to be re-added. If you leave and the room fills to 50 unfortunately you will be on the waiting list. Once I know from the discussion here when the exact time and date of the class is I will edit this main post and announce it. While the time passes and you are in the classroom waiting you are permitted to socialize with each other but I will not be interacting and you are not allowed to hold a spot for anyone. THIS WILL BE ABSOLUTELY FREE! I encourage you to have a notebook ready. Things I would like to discuss, but we may not get to all of them:
>Making camming your career- not your job
>Learning about all the different ways to market yourself besides chatroom's
>Taking control of your image- making sure you are getting paid every time someone watches a video of you
>Discovering your boundaries and how to say no- when money doesn't justify self-destruction
>Throw out the computer, you can cam from your phone.
>And fire your media person because I will teach you how to edit your own pictures and videos.
>How to advertise yourself on some of the biggest internet platforms- AT NO COST

I have been a camgirl for over 8 years, spending the last 6 independent. Working on an ebook aimed at independent camming that is filled with content no current camming literature on the market even hints at. 4 years experience teaching girls how to hustle and LOVE THEMSELVES.

The best way to reach me is on Facebook on my page Charlee Faith Ripae or on kik @faithripae. I look forward to discussing lots of ideas and issues with you all and helping everyone MAKE THAT MONEY!!!!!


I am very interested and need all of the help I can get! I started camming in May. I need to learn how to promote, sell, keep viewers interested, etc since I do want this to be a career oppose to just a job.