Forum of people who record / record privates


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I was doing my weekly DMCA link submitting when I came across this and wanted to share.

Thought it would be of interest to those who have ever had privates recorded and things. Basically the guys run a forum (thousands on it) and request bots to be placed in rooms and ask members of sites to record the girls they want or record privates without consent and put on camwhores and other sites.

Particular interest for these guys are to get recordings of girls who rarely show their vagina or never show their vagina (like me) in public chat. Worth noting if you ever counter any issues the way I did with privates if anyone remembers my post before. Might help in removal.


live violet and houswives hd ,com put your name in and you will be there, its so sad i have 4 or 5 they have recorded of me while i didnt know i got really sad for a while.. still so sad ( not tryng to put links up i dont kno are good or not but im sure you guys can find em