For those of you who are on Streamate.....

If you have ANY issues, dont contact Streamate support, contact Liz - [email protected]. She is soooooo helpful and responds in a timely manner. She can do the following for you:

- Resolve an issue for you quicker then support
- Actually DEAL with the matter rather then respond without actually answering your Q LOL
- Add the break button to your dashboard (its a button that allows you to go on a break for up to 10 mins before dc you. Its very useful when you want a short break so you dont have to copy/paste the code into the hd encoder. Literally click the button and members who come into your room will see a black screen saying your on a short break and you'll brb. Click the button again within 10 mins and your instantly back in free chat)
- Increase your show rates up to $19.99/min which is the max I believe (even if you dont intend on increasing your rates, its a good option to have for when you do decide to increase it)