For those of you who are dancers as well as cam girls I have a question


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I am a bouncer by trade, I know its kinda weird but what ever. I actually started out bouncing in a strip club again I know weird

but what are some things the bouncers do or don't do that pisses you off.
I realize that rules are different in every club, but I may be going back to my roots and want to make sure I am doing the best I can for the girls


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For me, the best thing a bouncer can do is remove people who are dangerous to my working environment.

Just making sure things don't get out of hand if there is an issue.

Also making sure girls get home ok and don't drive drunk or at least ask them if they are sure they are ok etc. if they seem to be going off with a customer. I know you can't really stop people from doing the latter, but definitely not let them drive drunk. I have seen girls trying to leave the club and being stopped before they got to their car because they were too messed up.

Also quickly notifying the club mgmt if cops are coming in. : )

I guess it depends on the club. Seemed like there was always a high turnover of bouncers.