Exposing a Chaturbate "customer service" employee


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I am not even sure where to start. As some of you may know Chaturbate recently neglected to pay their girls on time. I don't really need to go on and on about my feelings towards this because I am sure you all understand the stress that comes a long with cash flow issues when you rely on being paid by a certain date. There is nothing worse than waking up bright and early on pay day only to find your $1,200 rent check posted but your payroll deposit is missing. Unfortunately I am not fortunate enough to have a healthy savings to cover such emergencies. ok...ok...ok... I have to stop myself from carrying on and on lol

Ok lets give CB the benefit of the doubt and say it was an honest mistake. I am not necessarily upset that we weren't paid on time, I am more astonished by the lack of communication. You can't tell me that they didn't have a clue that we weren't going to be paid on time. Why on earth would you not give us ladies a heads up? Next, I emailed them 14 emails begging them for a "guesstimation" and at least some sort of explanation. I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE RESPONSE. So after several days of bank fees piling up and 2 returned check fees stacked on top that I went to the internet to find a contact number. I realized with all of my overdraft fees that even when I did get paid it wouldn't be enough to bring me positive again. So I called this number.

After three phone calls of her yelling at me and hanging up on me and calling me horrible names and being unbelievably nasty to me someone told me to start recording the conversations. I was going to keep calling until she listened to me or gave me someone else to speak with. I couldn't even ask a single question before she would lose it, and I am ashamed to say that in this recording you can notice that I eventually lost it myself. She called me a stupid uneducated slut that has to fuck herself on cam for money... or something like that. All on this recording. If that is how she feels then why is she employed by a site that has nothing but people fucking themselves/each other for money? Doesn't she fucking realize that if none of us effed ourselves on cam she wouldn't have a fuckinG Paycheck?!?!?!?! Essentially she is our employee. Goodness.. I am just still so angered and oddly offended by this situation.

Here's where you all come in. A part of me wants to post this recording and a more organized and detailed explanation of the situation for all to see but I am also concerned about how this can reflect on me. I can post this anonymously as I never state my name or anything (also that is why I am choosing to post this anonymously at this time). I told myself I would revisit this issue in 30 days to see how I felt about it then. I am still bothered by this and I believe everyone has the right to hear this. Oh and for the record yes i did inform her that I was recording our conversation as I am legally required to. What should I do? What would you do? I wish I could let you all hear it without sharing it on a website as I am being cautious until I make my final decision....

Thank you for reading my rant now pllllllleaaaaase help!

Sorry about the language. kinda.
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Hiya! I am sorry that it happend, i know how it feels , and i guess everybody else also.
But the law for the protection of data does not alow to record someone without his consent, even if you have informed her, she did not say i guess: oh yes you have my consent for it.
But if you would publish it, and she is going into action against you, and she finds out who put it there, you are screwed.
You can always record anybody without consent, but you can not use it as evidence in a court case, neither can you publish it without the possibilñity of having problems.
As bad as it is, try to focus on the things that need to be done(getting your paycheck, make more money elsewhere, whatever) so use the energie for your things that are important. Forget the bitch, she must be jealous of making shit money and being stuck in a office all day.

Fucking her up like that is not helping you in anyway. It is wasting time.

I am sorry i might have repeated some things, but i know a war always cost money, it will not make you money.

Best of luck with getting your check soon!!!