Doing better in solo than in couple


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Hello ladies

I thought maybe you could give me some advices for quite a delicate problem, maybe some of you already have the same issue and managed to work things out, so here I am asking for your help. I searched this forum and couldn't find any similar topic.

My bf and I (long term serious relationship) have started camming about 4 months ago, we both have a vanilla job so we do it occasionnaly. Most of the time we're doing ok, just not so great. In free chat we get tons of freeloaders but we make the most money on private shows. We have an interactive Lush, a large tip menu and games to spice things up, but it's not very effective.

Anyway, last week my bf wasn't home so I logged on by myself. And I just couldn't believe it! People chat more, they actually use the apps and the tip menu... long story short, I've made the same amount of tokens in one hour than we usually do in one whole evening!

Two days ago I went on cam by myself to see if this would work again, and it did! I made great money and I had so much fun! During the show, two of our "regulars" (let's call em this way, they're not the best tippers but they're here almost everytime we broadcast) told me that they feel more relaxed when I'm alone, they feel less "shy" to ask for a flash tits or pussy, or basically anything I can do solo.

I have to admit they're right. This is not our main job but I tend to put all my heart into it. I have to admit my bf's behavior on cam is not always so great: he doesn't speak english so I have to translate everything they say, which is annoying. Sometimes he looks bored on cam while I do the talk with the customers. We have another problem during private shows when we're asked to have sex: I must look at the screen anytime to see what the custie is writing, I have to manage our positions because my bf tends to put his hand/leg/arm where the "action" happens, so... it's kind of hard to stay focused and turned on with all that in mind.

What do you think I should do? We first started camming for fun and to get closer to each other, so far it hasn't done any harm to our couple, but I can't stop thinking I could be doing way better without him. I don't want to hurt his feelings or anything, but I feel less and less motivated to go on cam when we're together. Any of you have experienced the same situation?

Thanks for reading me, lots of love to all of you .
I don't have any experience to share as I work solo, my boyfriend doesn't get involved but is fine with my camming life. But I would just talk to him about it, tell him about how it is working alone and how you think it may be better. Perhaps you could do special couple nights every now and then instead so he still feels involved but move the focus on you. Best thing to do is be open about it and take it from there.