Does your location affects you?

In sites like Streamate hosts are separeted by theirs locations, like blocks - south america, USA and Canada, Western Europe and etc.

I am from Brazil and i noticed that my profile has many many visitors from the rest of the south america. My guess is that when i costumers opens the site he sees in the firts page hosts how near from him.

So i was wondering... would be a good idea to create a new profile saying that im located in the US since americans are more likely to expend their money with cam girls?

What do u think?


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oh fuck yeah!! most just wanna chat with USA or UK girls. they need to feel like there's a chance of actually meeting that model..or else they don't give a shit. i lose from the start : if i don't tell them where i live, or tell them it's a secret or i'll tell them later, they leave. if i tell them the truth, they also leave, cuz romanian girls don't have a good reputation. i can't lie cuz i have an accent. so yeah, it's affecting me a lot!!


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I am South American, and I ply My trade virtually and in RT throughout the Caribbean, some of SA - and then wherever else My SM stream hits. When signing up for SM, I TOLD them I need My location to reflect the States - for My protection and comfort. They obliged - but not without issue, of course. Once people hear Me speak, they get even more confused, lol. Until I'm out of this region and can publicize what I do without fear of extreme societal retribution, I HAVE to operate with subterfuge. Where you're from DOES affect your placement on just about every site. How do you get around this? By making sure each and every performance knocks 'em out of the park. Additionally, people want to be sure that they can communicate with you and understand you based on their own linguistic limitations. While Europeans do spend a lot of money on our industry, for the most part, it's the American audience that is primarily targeted. With this in mind, your marketing collateral and actual performance must be easily digestible for the target group.