Do geographical restrictions make a difference on how hard it is to find me?

Hi! I'm a model on Streamates and some of my clients told me it was very hard to find me. I searched for myself several times on the site too and never saw my icon, even when I searched my name, nothing came up.

When I asked Streamates what the problem was they listed a list of things that could impact the position on the site, such as HD video, audio in free chat, performance and rating.

I have the HD video and audio, all my ratings are 5 stars and yet, I can't even find myself listed on their site. A friend told me that it could have been because I have geographical restrictions (2) and that it's possible that each model gets out of the main list as soon as she has a geographical restriction.

Is that true? I wonder if anyone has geographical restrictions and still see themselves on the site live. Thank you!


Jr. Member

You turn on your geo-blocker, it turns you off to unregistered users. If you have a perv account, you still won't see yourself if you have your own area blocked.

If you want to check your cam quality, your .cammodels link works whether you have restrictions or not, but you won't be able to check your placement.