Completely New Cam Girl


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Hi everyone,
I am 5 mo pregnant and trying to get into pregnant camming with my husband as a couple. I have never done this before, so I have some questions. I have signed up for Chaturbate.

-While looking through a few sites I noticed one girl was in a room on two sites at once simultaneously. How do you do that, and do you recommend it?
-I have seen a lot of girls who also sell photos, etc on other sites. I have some really good boudoir shots I had taken before I got pregnant...are those illegal to sell since they were professionally taken? I'm thinking yes, but just thought I would ask.
-How long is a typical show? I have heard of people being on for multiple hours...what do you do for that long? Lol

Any tips at all would be helpful! TIA!!


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Well, hello, SexyLexi. A warm welcome . Hope to have success in your niche.
Can be used a splitter program to share your image in several places at once. Some are free and some are low costs. Check the forum here in order to find the best one for you.
Personally, I don't see why professional photos would be illegal to be sold. It's not like you have written over them the brand of the photographer. The more professional, the better.
Every girl sets her average shows according to her goals and performance, therefore it differs from performer to performer. About long hours of private, keep in mind that good money can be made by chatting mostly