CMD dirty tricks on Skype - I quit

Hello everyone,
i`ve heard from other models about Mark browsing the CMD models on skype, but didn`t believe it. Sadly it`s true. Skype profile Sylas Mayhem is actually Mark - the CMD owner. After 3 months trying this profile to get a convo with me about a show on skype, we finally did. The result - I got a warning message from CMD for having my profile on probation and i`ve decided to quit. I will let you read the entire email convo we got ( it includes the skype chat with member Mayhem(Mark)
It is an asshole. Not enought to get a piece of your earnings he want all of your show paid on the site. Impossible - we all know.

Go on SkyPrivate then never do this to you.

Not enought to fuck your earnings, limit you but this conversation is a time wasting shit itself.

Behaves like a 16 years old troll who wants to get a free show. Maybe jerking on it also. Insted of fucking with models he could still earn a part of our payment.

Time to time we change payment methods with each customers - and then WHAT? This is how he will not get new customers from our original paying ones...

But no - he just want everything. We all should ignore the site - FOREVER.