Chaturbate is Not Geoblocking Me


Jr. Member
So wait a minute - I have my state blocked on CB, but I can log in and see myself from my living room. Seriously? I tried this both with another computer and my phone -- I am NOT being blocked.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I didn't realize until tweeted that I was being broadcast on their site (which is Chaturbate through it's own 3rd party) - I have a geoblock on there, which ALSO is NOT working.
I have it on my settings that 3rd parties cannot rebroadcast me.

I'm getting really frustrated. It always worked before


Jr. Member
This sounds like a dumb question, but are you logged in as you do this? Ok sorry, had to ask.

I do know that I have tried to C2C with guys before who had my same state and the Geoblocking was working on Chaturbate for at that time. I had to have them go in and unselect those features.