Chaturbate business models


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What business models do you guys have the most success with on Chaturbate? The ability to custom-program your business model seems to be the biggest strength of the platform. There are a wide variety of custom apps you can use to get creative with how you take in money. Do you use any of these? Do you get most of your Chaturbate income from tips in public shows, custom app use, or the built in private show capacity of Chaturbate?


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I started my career on Chaturbate but haven't been there in over a year now. I used to use all of their bots and apps to hustle shows. I think having music on, getting up, moving around, flashing a bit, hawking toward tips to reach a goal, etc. It's all a hustle, and an enticement for them to tip, or better yet, take you private and allow the spies to join you (increase your income). I moved to a ppm site, which is lucrative, but a different business model for sure. When someone takes you private, you go from zero to sixty pretty damn fast!