Chaturbate and IP change to US ?

did any europe model tried to change ip from europe to usa ? I'm going to try it out because my cam still is in deep shit and I saw big difference in viewers number between europe and usa. Europe top line 1,6k-1,5k, and USA topline 6k-1k, so much more people got in they're rooms USA models and as I know from clients they tend to tag only models from USA, so what do You think ? It also shows in followers number similar model that are around same peroid of time got 30k-60k followers when I have like 10k.


Staff member
So you wanna pretend you are from the usa, instead of europe... VPN is not allowed by most sites.

And if you want more people in your room maybe do it by hard work, instead of cheating where you are from.

Also stop looking at other models and focus on your own room. You will do much better than .