Can you advise which website?

I work through shinemodel on MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, Bongamodels and Stripchat. + ImLive
To do this, I broadcast in two regional cottages. And sometimes I add ManyVids.
And now to the point. I'm wondering what choice to make, because it puts a lot of strain on my computer.
I'll take each chat separately.
Bongamodels-Only a few dollars at the beginning.
Myfrecams-At first it looked good, but only a few tokens
Chaturbate-101 followers in a few days but only 28 tokens.
Stripchat-Ten went well in the beginning but now no traffic.
ManyVids-There I collect followers and here and there some dollars.
ImLive-Largest traffic
Skypeprivate-I still have it turned on, the computer does not load. One call so far.
I really don't know which chat to exclude, or whether to include a new one. Could you help me? And do you think that broadcasting through the Shine model burdens the computer more?
How many chats do you broadcast to at the same time? And what browser do you use? Thank you very much for your advice.
First of all, there is no one perfect cam site. Each site has its own culture, which is always evolving.
I’m personally not a fan of token sites, as they seem to attract the cheap dudes, who think their tokens r worth big money. Obviously, they think we do too.....

I’m seriously impaired by an internet connection that is slow and glitchy. It’s esp bad in the age of the pandemic, too many people on line at one time, and I’m at the end of the line.
I cam on SM, it’s PPM, but sucks everything out of my system.....I can’t multi stream, but paying full attention to my screen, I do ok. Admittedly, I’m a bit ADD so this works out for me.....
If it’s slow, I will pop over to another site......
My ranking sucks, as I only cam for about two hrs ea nite, but I have regs, and some dudes find me. I usually make my goal.....
It’s like reg Thursday nite dates w some regs.....