Camsite with hourly pay!


is not much but it helps! I know a lot of us sometimes are online to make a whole $0 lol so $2 per hour online is better than nothing right?
well,this is not for top earners,because it doesnt make any difference,but i know about girls who are struggling and I know everything helps right?

the site is

and yes,of course you can make more doing privates,tips and also they have a monthly contest to top earners,but if they *need to pay models to stay online* its because the traffic is very little and they hope to improve the site soon! so,if you want to split cam ,i think its a good idea
If you want more info they answer emails in minutes! support is pretty fast,and they have multiples payment options! I think it deserve a try, why not?

[email protected]

its pretty easy to sign up!


you have to be online 30 hours weekly, with available status. that's where the trick is, and it's what all sites that pay hourly ask you to do. When it comes to actually paying, some decide that you weren't online enough...or they find something ..and excuse not to pay. i can't say it's the case for mytubecams since i didn't get the chance to work for them...but others did.