CamModelDirectory ads and profile


Jr. Member
So today is my first day and I am trying to set up my profile. I have two questions if anyone can break it down for me.

How do "ads" work? and when making your profile is there a specific size image that is best for photos and banners?
Tara, you have two weeks new model status on there. They will promote you and every member would be able to see it. I am there since two months ago, more or less. Adds will appear in the What's New section of the site, you can create several ads at once for different categories (College Girl, Super Booty, etc). The guys searching for What's New fresh listings will find you there.

In the meantime you will also appear on the first pages of the site, among the other models and guys will see you there too. After the New Model status expires, you will be listed on the site according to your earnings, from the top page to the last page. Other than that, you can still create adds to appear in the What's New section for extra exposure. You can add them whenever you want, there is no time frame, even several times per day during your shift.

After you have maxed out the number of ads (you can have one add per category, e.g. one add in the College Girl category), you will delete the add (make sure to copy the text so you won t have to write it again) and create a new add in the same category.

So, I basically add 1-2 ads per day, I just delete the old add in a certain category then create a new identical one and so on for a few categories.

I don t know what size of pics they allow, I think I tried with 15-20Mb ones and I don t remember if it worked, don t think so but I downsized every pic just for my indie sites to 2Mb.