Business Plan-- used as a Get Healty Plan.. staying fit is good for us.


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My Get Healthy Plan---
1.) Mission- To bring my body to a pinnacle of health and fitness that I have always wanted to achieve and to be damn proud of it.
2.) Vision- I see myself as a very healthy, fit me. Not me who I was before, but a better version. I see me as a very fit 150lbsand totally in control of my life, my health and without any addictions, just normally happy as fuck.
3.) Values- To approach this in a healthy manner. To be around and healthy to enjoy my Husband, Kids and Grandkids. To inspire others whom would like, to become the best that they can be.
4.) Goals- That is to be consistent with my workouts, to push myself to follow a healthy whole food way of eating and to not let addictions rule my life. To do my workouts, Along with T25 and daily walks with my Husband. To exercise or journal when I crave things that are not good for my body, and soul. To get to a size 6 and a fit 150lbs.
5.) How will I know when I get to the point of desired success? I will know when I can control things that used to control me. When I step on the scale and it reads 150lbs. and when that size 6 jeans fit me perfect. When I can look into the mirror and think Holy Fuck, look at all that muscle!!!!
6.) What Kind of Legacy would you like to leave behind? That I tried my very best to be the best ME that I could be. For my loved ones to know that I loved them enough to love myself and to put myself first so that I could give even more to them and to be around for a very long time to enjoy them.


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That's great. Happy to see your mvV in action!

I was thinking of starting up a regular workout routine. i was planning on recording my sessions and making a voyeuristic kind of clip to sell. Not sure how those do, but I guess I will find out.

Good luck to you with your working out!