Best Corona Client Stories


I thought this would be kinda fun. Obviously, share but BE VAGUE ENOUGH SO THE IDENTITY OF THE CLIENT IS PRESERVED. This isn't a funny story to share, but this is my favorite client so far. A woman asked me to give her a hug. That's it. First I hugged a pillow like it was her and then I put the camera where her head would be if I was hugging her. She said she just wanted to feel touch again. It's a rough time, everyone.

Be sensitive, ladies and gents! We're having fun but also offering a great service to the world right now.


Jr. Member
well, not funny but the other day I had a client on a 40+ minutes skype call crying because he's stuck alone in a foreign country and can't go back to his country where all of his family is because lockdown. He eventually ran out of SkyPrivate credits, the call ended abruptly and I felt so bad I called him back for 5 minutes without charging him, at least to say goodbye :/ rough times