Being streamed Live on Myfreecams


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A regular told me he was sifting through CSH [link removed by admin] and found me streaming on 3 different the same time while I was on MFC ..last night...I am over this ...I don't know what to do...Paying for DMCA did nothing...and it's already a slow and this is ridiculous....I have no idea what to even do anymore...I'm ready to go flip burgers or pan handle at this point (just kidding)...but this makes no sense...then I found this thread on Reddit saying CSH changed it's name and stole from customers and those trying to sell our live streams and such....
Can someone give me advice cause I am ready to f*ck sh*t up...this is pissing me off ...
Where do you go from here with this BS? I am all ears...Thank you in advance

My attachment is a screenshot of me with my hand on my hip seeing all of this after my session last night...


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Ignore it, its just using the direct stream from MFC, no ones going to sit there and watch live streams on that site. I even tried to register to try to understand the point of it and that didn't even work properly


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When I have a had 3 people tell me in 2 months, including a guy that has been stalking me on MFC since day 1, and still tries to threaten me with 'exploiting me'....
They are watching....
Not to be rude but let me say this in the nicest way possible:
And tell me why I should listen to you? Looking and your name and your part of the issue to? Of your live stream website of females on CB?
Are you going to refund me my DMCA protection fees paid?