BB! Do you have a BIGGER TOY?


Jr. Member
I seriously struggle with guys who constantly ask for bigger toys. I do not want to use big toys. Even a giant toy made out of glass would feel like absolutely terrible. I guess I just have a naturally smaller body.

It drives me insane when guys ask for bigger toys. I've bruised the back of my cervix before from trying to use Godzilla sized toys. I've also hurt myself by stretching too far with these things.

I'm not going to damage my body for your pleasure. I'd have to take weeks off at a time to heal. I feel frustrated that I cannot explain this to potential clients.

What do you normally say when clients ask you for bigger toys, even after you tell them it would injure you?


Jr. Member
I usually tell them good luck somewhere else and block, just because I feel if a guy is that pushy after I tell them no, I wouldn't want them as clients. I don't understand why a guy would want to see a woman using a toy she didn't enjoy.

Or depending on my mood, I might tell them that I would like to see them take a huge object first. Most just leave after that.