Awkward - when a client gets walked in on by SO


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I have had this client for a year and he always likes to play when his wife is downstairs. was the first day he got caught. I guess he didn't lock the door and I heard her walk into the room. My first instinct was to turn off cam, but he told me that it was ok to stay on. She was really nice too, she actually stayed and watched and helped her husband out, but it was hard to get back into the swing of things for a bit for me and the client. Once everything was finished, as I was getting dressed, she said it was nice to finally meet me. I guess she had known about me for quite some time. In the back of my mind, I had wondered if maybe it was sort of planned out or just good timing lol?

Anyone else had a client get walked in on by their girlfriend or wife?


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maybe couples attract couples? idk we do a lot of shows for other couples! once we did a show for a whole platoon like 40 guys and girls that were stationed in Afghanistan. guy hit me up on Skype and said he was a marine and he was deployed and it was his platoon Sargents birthday he wanted to know if we would be ok with doing a show in front of a bunch of rowdy marines. we said it sounded like fun. I told him we would do the show for 1/2 the normal cost as a birthday gift from us. he paid, we got on skype he turned on his webcam and there was a whole room full of guys and girls all in uniform. They were having a party and drinking beer and just having a good time, they cheered and laughed and were all very interactive and when it was all over it was one of the best shows we have ever done. one of the higher ranking nco's walked up to the camera and said thanks for making us feel like we aren't that far away... ill save you guys a piece of cake winked and flipped the cam off... 30 minutes later we found we have a 200.00 tribute in our account and all it said was "semper fi"