Am I a cheapass?

Each room is the model's to do as she pleases, and though I am not a fan of full nudity in free chat, I respect that eachFirst, girl has that freedom. With that being said, if I want to see a girl naked, I would most likely initiate or join a group show or in rare cases go private. I'll admit that I don't buy a hell of a lot tokens, because quite frankly I am mostly here for friendly chat and couldn't care less in reguards to seeing people who I consider friends while they are in full on "business mode." Quite often, when one of my friends is doing a countdown for some show, I DO LEAVE when I haven't paid to see the main event. I will be the one guy here that will admit that I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY of Ambercutie's shower or any other shows in its entirety. I'll peek back in to see if the show is done, maybe hang around for a couple minutes, make 1 or 2 twistedly humorous remarks, leave, and check back in sparattically to see if the show is over with yet.

Today in a friends room I was called out by another member who had been tipping feverously to, "quit riding everyone elses dime and tip, you cheapass!" and that I was a "cheapass voyeuer that needs to be a man and tip!" In between those 2 remarks toward me were another member echoing his statement and me telling both of them to back off me! I then got a PM from the model telling me to stop fighting in her room. I replied to her "it wasn't me! Basically, these two guys went off on me simply because I wasn't interrested in a public show. I didn't instigate any drama, nor did I fly off the handle when the model asked me tochill out. The model's next repsonse "she said "Just chill!" OK, I didn't say another word to ANYBODY; no nasty PMs, no sly comebacks in public chat, and no reply to the model herself. BANNED! JUST LIKE THAT! I consider this model my #1 friend on MFC. This model also tell me a TON of very private things so one would assume that I am a teensy bit more than just a customer to her as well.

What I think happened is, the big tipper guy asked the model to ban me so I didn't get any piece of HIS public show. I understand that business is business. If she would have asked me to step out of her room for a while to appease her Saudi Prince, I would have done it in a heart beat for her! What pisses me off more than anything is that I bought tokens for the 1st time in MONTHS and joined a group show with her. NOT because I really wanted to see her in all her glory, but moreso because she was in such a cheerful mood today and I figured I'd suprise her (which I did) with a little token (pun intended) of my appreciation.

now for the question portion of this wall-o-text:

1. Would you ban a good friend from your room if a big tipper simply asked you to?
2. Is a guy that doesn't tip for something that her doesn't necessarily want to see a cheapass?
3. Is it EVER ok for a member to "call out" another member in YOUR room? for any reason?
4. Would you at least give a good friend an explanation before BANNING them?
5. Am I a cheapass in general?
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Haha. So that's why I don't see you often (Nudist, plus a joke, I don't care where you have fun man so long as you have fun.)

I'm sorry that you were told to cool it even though you didn't participate in the argument.

As for your questions;

1. Only if the friend/acquaintance was a basic. Even then, I allow people to tip to give basics temperately penises. Granted I wouldn't do this with ease, unless it was the game of the day.
2. If you don't want to see it, then don't tip. That's kinda how it works. Even if you can't tip and still want to see the show, at least be respectable about the show. I wouldn't care if a non-tipper watched me spank myself so long as he didn't try to talk dirty to me (granted complements are cool,) or demand special attention in any way.
3. Nope. Fights and complaints that don't have to deal with me belong in PM's.
4. Yeah. I'm pretty heavy with my ban hammer though and do it without reason if I feel like it. However, there have been several instances where I've repeatedly asked friends not to do something. If they continue to do it, then I ban them without further explanation. If they come back and continue it, I 60 day ban them without hesitation.
5. Nope. Not at all. You have fun socializing with us, and really, that's better than a tip in my opinion.

As for the model banning you; if she banned you so easily, maybe the things she shared with you are something she openly talks about with everyone to make them feel close and comfortable with her. Sorry dude, some girls are like that.