About Skype shows while live on cam


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Hello, I hope is OK to post a new topic since I cannot find anything exactly as what I am looking for and some posts are really old.
Basically I would like to know (obviously from the ones who do it) how do you manage Skype while on MFC (or any other site).

I have already decided that, if I do it, I’ll ask for tokens in advance, that’s a fact BUT still have a few doubts:
- Do you just switch off cam, leave the room and Skype the guy as when go to pvt?
- Do you tell him: we’ll do later (I don’t think that works since they usually want it NOW)

Last night something weird happened (maybe not that weird that’s why I am sharing).
I might have had Skype open on my phone so one guy messaged and called!
He said in messages: OMG, is you! I am from MFC bla,bla…
Obv I didn’t reply.

Did he find me because my name in Skype (in that one, I got 2) is the same as my name in MFC?
It has to be that, right?

And if that is not enough questions, can somebody explain why the hell they want Skype instead of taking you pvt or request group?? (don’t get why that obsession)


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Yes, sadly. I used to sell a 10 minute show for 300 tokens. Some would go longer, some would be shorter. I wouldn't advertise the "time" as much as the "Skype = 300" - when clients asked about the time, I would then answer that if it is productive, I am not watching the clock. "If I am watching you, and things are progressing, I am not watching the clock."