A Question about Streamate

Ive knowticed that... When Ill be working on streamate for a while... Ill be on the first pages.. Ill have 5 star and all.. Then I always have to stop camming for a few months for different reasons... then when Ill come back on streamate.. Il only have 4 stars... Ill be way far in pages and have less costumers popping in and out of my room.

Can anybody tell me how placement and rating works on streamate?

I think Ill stop taking breaks.. everytime I take breaks everytime I come back its like im NEW and I have to work about 1 month steadily to be able to make the earning I was making BEFORE I left...
if you read the model information. it says if u not consistent. it can affect your placement and stars.. thats why. i think it shouldnt be like if u take a break. it should start where u left off..sometimes things happen in people life.. where some wont cam for months..like me.. i be on and off.. why im kinda hesistent sometimes to start on streamate... it seems they want girls there to ALWAYS be there online. to have EXCELLENT placement..MAYB IM WRONG OR OFF?.. idk.. would like to read another model thought